Behavior Tree Import Failed

I am unable to select any objects in the details panel for the BT.

I’ve tried spawning the AI as well as simply placing it in the world but I’m still unable to select the BP from the drop down list. All variables are still to editable, including the ones referencing the BP.

LogProperty:Warning: Illegal TEXT reference to a private object in external package (RacingLine_C /Game/VehicleBP/Maps/VehicleExampleMap.VehicleExampleMap:PersistentLevel.RacingLine_377) from referencer (FollowTrack_C /Game/VehicleBP/AI/TrackFollower_BT.TrackFollower_BT:FollowTrack_C_1). Import failed…

Any ideas?

Solved this by changing the variable in the BTTask BP to an Object and then setting the default value to the correct BP. It can now be selected along with others via the drop down in the BT.