Behavior Tree Execution Problem

I am currently learning the AI system and Behavior Tree/Blackboards. Having difficulty with working out some things, especially condition checks etc but I had a question about the image below. For some reason (not mentioned in documentation that I can find anywhere) in the setup below, the branch that has the Service is never ran but the wait will keep cycling. If I remove the top most Selector node (has same results with a sequence as well) then the Service branch will run. Seems strange to me that it won’t execute along the chain with another composite node above a service. Is this a bug or is this expected/desired behavior?

Sorry but I have to bump. Question got pushed way down because of the spam earlier. Anyone have any thoughts on this matter? Thanks

Any thoughts or ideas to this problem? Thanks

It should run, but it’s possible it’s exiting immediately. Can’t say since you didn’t include the whole branch in the image!

Do you have any task in the branch that has the service? Image only shows the Wait task. If there are not tasks then there is nothing to execute at all.

Could you show the rest of the tree?

@Ghar Yes there are tasks below the service. As I mentioned, if I remove the top most selector (or sequence) and hook the root straight to the service node, everything runs; it’s only when I have a selector or sequence above the service (between root and service) that it fails to run the branch.

@kamrann I have tested that with another wait, it’s simply not executing.

Here is another clearer image with all the nodes. It’s slightly different than the original image but concept is the same as is the problem. Ultimately I need to fully redo my entire behavior tree as I’m not getting the results I need so I need to take a step back and conceptualize a better method. However, with what I’m experiencing, it will create a problem regardless as I will need my BT to perform more than 1 branch and/or service. Realistically I need to have several BT’s for the different behaviors I need of my AI but can’t find any good tutorials or basic information on running and switching between different BT’s.