Behavior Tree Delete Enum State crashes the engine

  • Make a Behavior Tree
  • Add a decorator to a node with an Enum condition
  • Go to the Enum and delete a state
  • Go back to the Tree, click on the decorator. Engine will crash

To Fix, read add a state. maybe not a bug (as its expected to crash) but could you guys let it re-adjust the targetted index? i think its the expected behavior.


  • Could you please provide the logs located in your project’s Saved->Logs folder?
  • Could you please cause the crash to occur again, and then provide your Machine ID from the Crash Reporter window (assuming that you are getting the CR window pop up) and ensure to hit Send on the report?

Thank you.

hi, in my own project i didnt get the CR window. i reproduced it on a clean 4.11.2 and a 4.12 and the CR did appear. to reproduce on your end you have to select the last enum on the decorator, then delete it (forgot to add this), click on decorator and crash. the machineID is BA6B067D4D3E6C6CCD1AEF923DCA818C. Logs are on my GDrive cause the answerhub doesnt let me upload rars.


Could you please provide the full repro steps for how to reproduce this crash? I haven’t been able to reproduce this as of yet. I’m not sure what you mean by “select the last enum on the decorator, then delete it”.

Please create a clean project, and provide the full steps that you are taking to reproduce the crash in that clean project. Thank you.

select the last enum on the decorator as add a decorator and sect its condition is set to the last enum.

In order to reproduce this issue, we will require the full repro steps from beginning to end in a clean project. Please provide the entire step-by-step repro so that we can continue to investigate this issue.


I am marking this topic as resolved for tracking purposes, as we have not heard from you in a few days.If this issue persists, please provide the full repro steps as far as how to reproduce the issue from beginning to end in a clean project, and we can continue to investigate.

Have a great day