Behavior tree decorator not using correct enum names

When I add a blackboard decorator and set it to check if an enumerator is equal to a value - the correct name is shown in the dropdown list of key values but it does not display the name in the behavior tree, only the default name. e.g. “NewEnumerator5” instead of “patrol”

Just to narrow down the suspects group, is this the case even after restarting the editor? Which BT decorator is that?



I think the OP is talking about this which is always the case no matter if it was freshly added or after editor restart. But it is just a visual issue on the blackboard decorator in the graph itself.

Oh ok. I had it filed and will get resolved in not too long :slight_smile:

Fixed in CL#2368331. It very simple fix so if you want to apply it manually to your own sources just let me know and I’ll instruct you what to do.