Behavior Tree Decorator node property is not working

In UE 4.12, the decorator node property is not working.

I uploaded a sample project.[(download - 4.12.2 project)][3]

Epic Games Korea gave an answer to my question.

void UBTNode::InitializeInSubtree(UBehaviorTreeComponent& OwnerComp, uint8* NodeMemory, int32& NextInstancedIndex, EBTMemoryInit::Type InitType) const
	if (bCreateNodeInstance)
		// composite nodes can't be instanced!
		check(IsA(UBTCompositeNode::StaticClass()) == false);

		UBTNode* NodeInstance = OwnerComp.NodeInstances.IsValidIndex(NextInstancedIndex) ? OwnerComp.NodeInstances[NextInstancedIndex] : NULL;
		if (NodeInstance == NULL)
			// new - fix
			NodeInstance = (UBTNode*)StaticDuplicateObject(this, &OwnerComp);
			// old
			// NodeInstance = NewObject<UBTNode>(&OwnerComp, GetClass(), NAME_None, RF_NoFlags, (UObject*)(this));
			NodeInstance->InitializeNode(GetParentNode(), GetExecutionIndex(), GetMemoryOffset(), GetTreeDepth());
			NodeInstance->bIsInstanced = true;


And so what is the non-coder answer?

I have the same issue here, the “observer aborts” doesn’t abort anything except if it’s set in the decorator BP properties.
Is that a bug? Anyway to fix it or do we have to wait for an hotfix?