Behavior Tree: Blackboard key not setting on 2 different AI running same BT

The title might be confusing so let me try to explain. In my game, I spawn multiple allies using the SpawnAIFromClass, and I tell those Allies to attack my target using a LineTraceByChannel, when it hits an enemy, I either tell all references of the Ally’s AI controller or just Get All Actors of Class and set class to Ally AI Controller, and set that value as an object to the enemy hit in the LineTrace.

Two things can happen: if I have one Ally (we’ll call him Ally1) following me and tell him to attack my target, he will run over and start doing damage. If I spawn a second Ally (Ally2), and tell him to attack either the same target or a different target, he’ll set the enemy in his BT. This particular instance is okay, I don’t understand why it works the way it does, but it does. The second scenario, which is what I’m having a problem with is, if I have both Ally1 and Ally2 at the same time, and do my LineTrace to the enemy, only Ally1 will attack, but Ally2 will continue to follow me. Ally2’s BT won’t have the enemy set in his Blackboard. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you ahead of time! Let me know if I’m leaving out information.

I think I might be experiencing something similar. I am doing a vision check to set the enemy so I can trigger an enemy strafe when it is in range. If I place the pawn manually in the world he works fine. If I spawn it through my bp logic he won’t trigger the behavior tree event and will never go into the strafe. I am not sure what to do.