Behavior Tree and NAV Mesh issues?

I’m seeing a lot of weirdness in Nav and Behavior tree.

Is anyone else having issues where the AI will hit the NAV edge of a NAV Mesh and get stuck? When I say edge I mean a section of NAV where there is a small rock or elevation that makes the area none walk-able.

Also I’m seeing some issues where the player might knock the enemy into a none walking area. Is there a way to “Move to NAV Mesh” to get the AI on track?

With Behavior tree there seems to be an issue where I issue the move to command in a selector but in my services i detect an enemy target but I can not get the AI to stop its current move to location and start the move to ActorTarget until the move to location is complete. Am I the only one seeing this?

I have been using them a lot lately and I haven’t had any issues

  1. Could you post a screen shot of what the navmesh looks like when the small rock makes it unwalkable?
  2. Your going to have to implement this yourself. There are many ways to do this but the best choice would depend on your game type and map layout. A simple way would be find the closest visible point on the navmesh and move directly toward,
  3. Add a blackboard decorator and have it abort when the Enemy value changes

For 1 is there a way to make the NAV MEsh visible during gameplay?

in the console type “show navigation”

Unless you are dynamically generating the nav mesh at runtime then an in editor screenshot will do. Press ‘P’ in the editor

Looks like when the AI chases you with Move to actor it ignores Nav path and can walk into dead areas. If that happens when they lose sight of the target then they cant move back to the nav mesh.