Behavior Tree: Aborted subtrees continue to show execution

Not sure if this would be a feature request or a bug report, but when a subtree is called by Run Behavior and then interrupted, the last active nodes and connections in the subtree continue to be highlighted in the behavior tree editor even though only nodes in the main tree are active. I would expect the aborted subtree to either lose the active nodes’ and connections’ highlights or stop animating the “bubbles” moving down the last active connections. In any case, some visual feedback when subtrees are aborted would be helpful.

Thanks for reporting this bug.

Quick fix, change FBehaviorTreeDebugger::UpdateDebuggerViewOnInstanceChange function, so it would clear displayed data when there’s no valid instance to show:

if (DebuggerInstanceIndex != INDEX_NONE)


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Hi Ben,

Yes, I am okay with this.