BeginOcclusionTests - is this something that could take advantage of instanced stereo?

I noticed that there are two entries for BeginOcclusionTests in the GPU profiler when profiling in VR, and they’re usually the same or similar millisecond cost as eachother.

Could anyone shed some light onto this feature, and if it could potentially be halved if doesn’t need to do this per eye? We’ve seen this reach as high as 0.85ms per eye, so being able to gain nearly a whole millisecond back would be huge if this could be done once for both eyes.

if its already enabled “instanced stereo” in your project file then its already cut some ms if not then try to see the difference if you disable it , if you get more ms in your scene then thats means instanced stereo was working as best as it can , i don’t have more knowledge to help here .