Beginner question - sculpt


I am following this tutorial: 1. Initial Level Setup | Unreal Engine Documentation

This tutorials gives me a gigantic grid and a huge landscape which I don’t want.

I only want to sculpt a floor in specific dimensions: X=200, Y=2000. The landscape manager only offers equals quads (31x31 etc)…

Anyone? :slight_smile:

Landscapes are for landscapes. The data structures are designed for landscapes.

Sounds like all you need is a static mesh.

Unreal is not intended to create a static mesh.

Use maya/modo/max/zbrush or blender to sculpt static mesh and import into Unreal.

Oh thanks! I created a static mesh in Blender, and a new question showed up:

My endless runner game is created by a Blueprint Actor that generates different meshes for different floors (see image below)

Is it possible to add grass to my meshes/floors inside a Blueprint like this?