Beginner question regarding VR Teleportation

Hello everyone,
I am very new to the unreal engine so I hope this is not a very dumb question. I try to create my own level in VR. For this I used the new level option ‘TimeofDay’. I inserted the Motioncontrollerpawn from the VirtualRealityBP blueprint section and put a navmesh on the surface [Imgur: The magic of the Internet]. While I can load normally into the level it is not possible to use the teleportation. All that it shows are some wobbly short blue lines coming from the hands [].
Can somebody tell me what I did wrong ?


In the two pictures you shared the levels seem different, are you loading the level geometry that can be seen in picture 2 at runtime? If so you will need to make the navmesh runtime generation dynamic. If you go to the project settings and type runtime generation you’ll find the option.

I managed to solve the problem in the meantime. The collision settings of the plane that gets loaded by default (during the level creation) caused trouble. After changing it everything works as intended.