Beginner question about skeletons


I want to use makehuman gamerig in my project (I will make my own animations), but I see a difference besides IK bones, I don’t
know if it will bring me problems in the future.
In most default skeletons (manequin, hero, fuse cc, etc ) the root bone , that goes from pelvis to the floor, is stuck to the origin (0,0,0).
So if you move pelvis a little, in Unreal you will see a white line from 0,0,0 world space to character pelvis position.
Now, if you move makehuman gamerig from pelvis bone, it also moves root bone (its not locked to 0,0,0).
So in UE4 you see a red line from 0,0,0 to root bone. (root motion)
I opened both default and makehuman skeletons with Maya to see whats needed to lock root bone to 0,0,0 but I can’t see what it is.
And… will I have pose-blending related problems if I don’t solve this?

You shouldnt need the ik bones (i never use them) Im not 100% sure what youre asking but it sounds like you want to make the root bone/hips stay still? When using animations that dont have a root bone in the skeleton you can cheat and just add an extra bone at the bottom and make it move with the hips (it doesnt Actually have to be the root of the animation, you just need a bone there). I have a tutorial that shows how to take a root motion animation from mixamo and add a root bone And remove the root motion from the hips (its blender though not maya) Unreal Aerial Attack Tutorial: Melee Weapon Part 7 - YouTube I hope that helps!