Beginner - My Starter Content Lake Water Material looks wrong compared to tutorial videos

Hi All,

So I am just starting out with UE4 and game engines in general, so I am going through a whole host of tutorials before trying to create anything. However, I was keen to follow a tutorial as to how to improve the starter content water material, however I am stuck because it starts off looking wrong compared to the material in the tutorial I am watching (even though they are both the same from the starter content).

Both materials have been untouched but this is how they differ…

My Water

Their Water

As you can see from the files… Mine has distinctly less movement/ripples than the other guys basic material. Can anyone suggest why this might be occurring? could it be a settings/preferences issue? could it be down to hardware?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Try applying the material to other objects as well, it might be that all the ripples aren’t showing because of the UV mapping.

Thanks for the quick response - I had a play around and you are right, it appears correctly when using a cube that I drop into the world instead of one that is already there in the demo level… so progress…



Now when I stretch that cube to make a flat square, when trying to simulate a lake for example, the material stretches with it, which mkaes it look just as bad… I had a look online and someone mentioned adding texture coordinate nodes in the material so that it can scale without stretching, but they already seem to be in place in the material.

What do I need to add to the material to stop it from stretching when I resize whatever the material is on?


Many thanks for your help, really appreciated :slight_smile:

Problem Solved! found the answer here… Texture stretching instead of tiling. - UE4 AnswerHub