[Beginner] How to set a parameter for my Post Process, by Blueprint?

Hello ! i have a beginner question, for POSTPROCESS on Unreal.
I want to set some post process parameters on a BluePrint. (changing a float and a vector3)

So, : my material is a Material instance. can i use it, or i need to Create a Dynamic material instance at start ?

If it is Dynamic material instance, how can i add it to my volume bye blueprint ? i have the post process volume on my Blueprint, but i cannot find something like “add the material on the postprocess array”

i did not find any guide for this, if someone have a good starting guide for BP for PP, i’m interested !

To create a Postprocess parameter that can be controlled by a blue print:

  1. First create a Post Process Material. In that Material have whatever parameters you would like to control from Blue print.

  2. Now create a Postprocess component in your blueprint

  3. Create an instance of the Post process material during beginplay or wherever in your blueprint.

  4. Make that instance into a post process setting using MakePostProcessSettings and MakeWeightedBlendables. This should apply your Postprocess Material to your PostProcessVolume

  5. Now use your BP to call the material parameters and do the changes you want to.

Thanks for your help Hrishi_A.