Beginner help.. Placing Trees in UE5

Hey… I’m new to UE and this is my first post! So hello!

I’ve hit my first issue when placing trees, them only seem to place on completely flat ground and even then, it’s inconsistent ( sometimes works, most the time is doesn’t).

I’ve attached a screenshot of the Foliage Actor details, plus a video of trying to paint trees.

I hope someone can help here and point out what I’m missing/doing wrong.

Many thanks.

Increase the density


I tried and didn’t make any difference

I think if you try it in a new level with a fresh landscape, it will work. I don’t know exactly what you’ve tweaked there… :-/

It seems to be related to World Partition. I created two new levels, one with world partition and one without, only worked in the level without.

you can only paint the foliage on parts of the landscape with a material applied that has a layer info
in landscape look at the layers
select one and fill the whole landscape with it so no grid shows then try
if there is no layer info on that part of the landscape you can’t paint foliage