Begin Play, Begin Overlap and Tick turning into custom events

Something odd is happening and I’m not too sure why.

One or more blueprints has an unresolved compiler error, are you sure you want to Play in Editor?

  • DroppedGoldLarge
  • DroppedGoldMedium
  • DroppedGoldSmall
  • DroppedHealthLarge
  • DroppedHealthSmall

Basic idea so you can understand what is going on. There is grass in the world, when you attack/cut it down it spawns a random blueprint that the player can pick up.

So, the setup for the items that are dropped are as follows - I have a parent class (not transforming core events into custom events) with 5 child blueprints that all have their core events turned into “RecieveBeginPlay_1, RecieveActorBeginOverlap_1 and RecieveTick_1” upon reloading the editor. It works fine once set/they have been remade with the correct begin play .etc, they just die after a restart and show unresolved compiler errors for all 5 child blueprints.

This only started happening while I was trying to turn the randomiser below into a macro to be reused elsewhere.

It is whenever I move these blueprints into a macro that it bugs out on reload, just not sure why this would cause an issue.

This is the grass custom event that is fired when you attack the grass.

That should be everything but if you need further info I can provide. Any ideas if I am to blame or if there is something else going on under the hood?

Hi ,

I attempted to reproduce this with a more simplistic setup but I couldn’t get your results. Could you try reproducing this in a new project and then upload that test project here? Please include whatever repro steps are needed.

Hi, unfortunately I no longer have the blueprints used to cause this bug as I rewrote everything involving that mechanic. Looking back I suspect it was sloppy blueprints that likely caused it mixed with 's Victory Plugin. If I happen to stumble on the error again I will resubmit in a new project file.

For what it’s worth you might have to make a child grass blueprint from the parent and drag it into the world, interact/attack the child grass blueprint (same as parent with no extra nodes, just different sprite) while playing, get it to spawn the child dropped item (only extra nodes to control which var goes up eg. health, money), destroy grass child BP, then walk over dropped BP item and destroy actor as if you picked it up. Then restart the engine to reproduce.

This is the process I went through to reproduce it with the above screens but I can appreciate that now this won’t be of much use. I wasn’t getting any errors in the error log, only compile errors once restarted.