Begginer VR Template basic question for a learner... (How do I I get into level with VR hands?)...

I would very much appriciate some help!

I Have spent some time working on an environment in for VR using an unreal VR template.
When you initially make the level you are welcomed with a screen showing you a VR headset on the left with no hands and one on the right which does have hands… (See attached picture).

I Vaguely remember using this in the past to bash some blocks around a demo level with the preset (premade) VR hands which are already in unreal.

As you can see there is a map i have built in this template, But when I select to preview in VR i get no hands (Even though i have oculus toch controllers in my hands).

I feel like there is probably a simple solution for this ? I would very much like to test how much interaction my level currently has with VR hands.

I would be very grateful for some advice on this. thank you!

Was confusing to me as well when opening it the first time. Thats basically the docs on how to open it. You need to open the **MotionControllerMap **in /Content/VirtualRealityBP/Maps