Before Decal ?

I can’t get Decals to work without emissive, which means in the dark they glow. (mobile platform setup)

Question is as it’s “experimental”, what did people do before Decals ?

You could recreate a decal inside a material by world-aligning a texture… but that means you will have to add the same instructions to all materials that you might want to get affected.
Not a solution but at least that way it won’t glow :stuck_out_tongue:

What type of decal are you using? Try switching to deferred type, this one should not glow in shadows. Also, just in case, plug 0 scalar into emissive and specular (you may be mistaking specular for “glow” ans as far as I know, default value for specular is 0.5)

No, the image is into basecolor, nothing else, but it will only show if using emissive as well.

Just to clarify, when you say change the type to deferred, this is set in the material properties ? There is only one selection for Decal, then there is the blend mode.

Yes I mean Decal Blend Mode. There’s a bunch of options starting with Dbuffer, try these out.

I’ve tried already, not confidently.

Could you maybe post a screenshot of your problem? Would be easier to see what’s going on.

I don’t know how I can take a shot of something that isn’t there. What do u want to know ?