Beating up or "Arting" up an image

Hi - I’m looking for advice or sanity check here.

I wanted to take each frame or a blend of every 5th frame and really beat it up with texture and brushstrokes - any ideas on how to achieve this? Please bare in mind I am not very well informed about the post fx side but if you can direct me where I can start learning I’d appreciate it!

Source Frame from Engine ^

Textured in Post with grain and brushstrokes/splatter etc.

Can this be achieved if I have a random library of brush strokes and textures that is pulled up and used in the post fx? Looked a lot of places for a painterly look and so far it seems very controlled and I’d like a lot more randomness and actually a **lack ** of clarity haha.

Thanks for any help.

As your effect seems to mostly focus on the brightest spots of the image, a strong dirt mask with random brush strokes should be able to give you results very similar to that. Additionally a post process material could be used to add the darker scratches.