Animation Breakdown.
When someone 2D ani-experienced have some tipps for me, to preperate / improve the layers (opacity at borders?), then i am glad to know.

Really thank you for nice feedback aka kind words :slight_smile:
I was searching for something cute, easy to realize and not to static.
For another thing, i made this thing, was my testobject, to test cuteness for kids (friends of my kids ^^), could be integrated too. I do not like retopo, or doing things two times without sucess.

When i come back to code, (painting now), then i will try to setup something like a silly pet ai, but that is not top point on todo list.
These blockheads are reused, only the cubinators(perimeter defenders) will use own modular “cubes/housings”, but they will get a morphing face.
I am so limited with freetime and have to plan exactly, how much time i use to test, or to follow a concept.
Even how much time i use for skypestuff or infiltrating forums. ^^
Precalculate how many attempts before trashing, or “freezing” idea for later, recalculate every time a function is added, or idea extended.
And the hardest part is, to trashing things, when you check, they are to hard to do.
So much math…

:slight_smile: That feels good, you know?
The artstyle and polycount is a compromise, to make things something like thoretical possible for me.
When i sit a week on a model to polish it, i get quick bored.
Motivation is all…
Painting on layers to prepare gfx for 2D animation Blender tryout. ^^

Weeeeeeeeee ^^

Improved. :slight_smile:
I had fun doing that, but still many stuff missing.
Some impactdust and scene 1 will be integrated in some way and has to be modified.
mimimi so much to do…

Timing a bit off, but ok with sound, or not?

Making more stuff for backgroundstuff.
Hard working on the guerilla advertising campaign.
Yes iam lazy, but i need quick stuff, to make quick stuff.
Time adds up quick and i would really like to put more time into this, but some ppl in reallife need my attention too.
That´s a good thing, not a bad one :slight_smile:

This thing is sucking my freetime into it, like a black hole does with debris from the USS-Enterprise, while a drive by shooting with drunken pack of klingons.
I regret nothing!
I finshed some parts of the intro, but have to catch up and talk to a friendly musican, before extending further.
He is constructing/creating music “audio” around it my “video” and i construct “video” around his “audio”.
Cool process, i like to be creative, others too.

Walking back the road of obsolete blueprinting and recronstructing many things, with extended small growing knowledge, making good progress.

Something was broken, through an engineupdate, but in the end it was a great thing.

Working on basic UI stuff and polishing functions.

Short gameplay


Kind regards :slight_smile:

Sry for breaking the four day rule, but illuminati told me, that it is important to share this.
They told me too, i should not care, because everyone is influenced by illuminati these days.
It has nothing to do with sausage or chicken(so far they know).
I want to share some gameplay footage, because i need more feedback about colorsettings for example.
Kind regards

Devsnippets from me :slight_smile:

Progressing nicely. The colors are great in my opinion. I love the tron-esque vibes. Keep it up! =)

I am working now only on polishing existing functions and have to slow down myself for creating new stuff.
The cubifly in Beams is following you like a poor pet, attracted only through the cubifly attractor.

You have to hold it in your hands, and stick it to new location.
Cubifly will follow. Help you growing plants, to get seeds for stuff (power in my case only now).
But seeds attract enemys, protect cubifly and the seeds.

Not to easy now. This weekend i let my son make a party, to get some first time gameplaytesters again.
So cool to hear them, when you let them alone. Best feedback and most fun for me.
Last time they had problems understanding mechanics, hope i made things better.
Only a testroom, activate energy for platforms, through some weightblocks into libraform (you have to get them first ;)) and then reach final target.
I want that for a fresh player that section will last 5-10 minutes, for an advanced at least 2-4min.

Then i reworked the enemy ai, sometimes still confused because of physical material, but working ok for me now.

Thank you really very much. :slight_smile:
It is some really great feeling with UE4 and Blender, now with basic knowledge in UE4 it makes most fun i ever gor back from using software.
One step up in scenedesign, where you setup a scene in Blender, you can get it to life in UE4.
So cool, when communicating blueprints start acting together. :slight_smile:

More Devsnippets about emotions + feelings and so!

Destruction and the creation process in Beams ^^

Looking awesome! Keep it up! =)

Thank you @SE_JonF

I do all these tutorials again and again - advanced ai, procedural stuff, all i could get.

The best thing is, i am starting slowly to understand what these cool guys on the couch are talking about. ^^
I have so much fun with that blender Krita UE4 Combination and i am happy that i choosed a style for me, which is theoretically to handle for me alone.

Made some modular meshes and arranged them peaceful in some stylish blueprints. Happy with that for now.
Happy greetings :slight_smile:
Only snippets again…

Modularity is so cool.

I really like my own progress and what comes out.
One sideaspect of beams for me is, to generate nice pictures.

Relaxing stuff.


That’s a massive explosion! Some of the particles don’t seem to be blending as well, you can see square bounds. Although you’re probably already aware of that. Keep at it! =)

Hi @ll
First things first.
I really like all the feedback, but please make a comment here in the thread before PM me, it helps me to stay organized, freetime is most important part for me now.

Now Beams could be called a small game, fun to play with.
I opt. some overall stuff HUD, calls, open ticks and stuff.
I am very happy with the result so far.
Performance is ok for me, but when i record and have browser open, framerate drops a bit on my 560ti. ^^

Here some explaining stuff, basic 2D i know but hey, i made it and it “feels” right to support gameplayfunction, without ever looking directly at it. :slight_smile:

Standard Black is “melting” with the background most times, no need to see it. You know “Grapple ready”
Then other systems for “not connected but extended” and “hooked to target” and some more later, but i see now, i made an error in the picture.
Who cares? :slight_smile:

Then here my wonderful relaxing cubiflies, growed up to a color schemed system.
Yes they are relaxing, but not to easy to use. You have to lure them to the right plant and have to redo for new Cube.
Colors are weightbased and that’s important, when you throw things in the libraform for example.

Oh they still got Faces

The gameplaymechanics are confusing, when i tell you, but wait till demolevel is finished, then all makes sense.
All i ever done with Blender / Gamemaker (^^) and mighty UE4 makes sense now, because of Beams.

Yes Sir, thank you for feedback again :slight_smile:
I experiment with some shapes for “cubic” looking explosions. Something like in the film Pixels or similar perhaps.
I am not happy with the rusult too, so far, looking far to realistic for my taste. ^^

Sincerely Bauch (happy one)

The last ten days i entered a world of unknown pain.
Forget teethpain…
My right ear had internal failure, including hospital and every second day docvisits of a very specific painful procedere.
I needed a wrapped cloth between my teeth to bite on it, to not break them off, or running amok.
I had a very weird fever >40C and i sure had should stay away from the UE4 Editor in that time…

Once i edited a BP i messed something up and while a strange panic took control over me, i messed even up more then that. ^^
Last untouched Backup was three days old (messed up an actual one), but no biggie or frustration here.

But that was the first time, i really not liked the thing, that i work alone on Beams.
Idea and concept is good, fun to play yes, but when i sell that thing and i go out of order (similar reasons for that possible)…
When possibility of something is not zero, then it will happen, only a question of time.

In the end the messed up stuff was a good thing, because i opted older stuff.
So many greedy ppl contacted me, i do not like that.
But i got contacted from many more positive ppl and that i like very much.
Painful greetings from here :slight_smile:


Hey Luftbauch, sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Keep up the good work, and get well soon! =)


Devsnippets Update and thank you both :slight_smile:

Thank you both very much.
So much love, in a world of binary noodles.

It’s really confusing for me, that i never know “is the attenuation working”? or not?
Takes up to a half year, but then i could hear full spectrum again and that is ok for me.
Really thank you again :slight_smile:

Hi @ll,

i have a fresh gameplayvideo for you to watch, when you have eyes. (one is enough to watch).
When you have no eyes, then i am sorry for you, but you can still hear the gameplayvideo(when you have working ears).

That is stuff from the working Demolevel, but there is still some stuff to do.
No menue no settings, nothing to complicated, but i want to do it at very least, including a simple savegamething.

The grapplecontrols are very smooth now and intuitive i hope.
Switching between Grappmode and Grabmode with 1-2 Keyboard
Movement standard WASD, sprint shift, jump space.
When grapple is connected to a static object, your controls are extended.
Press and hold shift and use WASD for aircontrol, easy hah?

The grapples are extended/released with keyboard 4(leftgrapple)+5(rightGrapple)
The falldamage works on every axis, even when something smashes you to a wall!

The defender Turrets shoot different patterns (watch muzzles) and they protect the final objective.
You can try to jump over some steps (substeps) and get rid of them, but i bet there is a quicker way :wink:
And some more other stuff from the trail.
Sincerely Bauch. ^^