Beam Reflection

Hello !

I want to create a game for the University competition. I work in Unreal Engine 4, but I have a problem. I don’t know how to create a beam that has the propriety to reflect when it touches a certain object (like a mirror). Like this thing . I’m a beginner to engines at all. I found this interesting thread, that I think it may solve my problem A laser that reflects in a moveable mirror - UE4 AnswerHub , but when I try to edit the material, I don’t know what function to use. I saw that there are some symbols before the function name, I searched for a classification or a list with those symbols, but couldn’t fine one, so I don’t know what function to select (after I right click) in order to create that scheme. The beam that I want to create is an continuous beam that passes across the room and it’s direction will be altered by some mirror-like objects.
EXAMPLE: The beam goes trough the room, it hits the obstacle number 1 and it will be reflected by an angle, then it hits the obstacle number 2 and so forth . If I displace the object 1, the beam should change it’s direction (Updating it’s path)
Any leading tips would be realy apreciated.


I suggest you start with the “Simple Line Trace Ricochet”](A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums) wiki entry.


Yeah, you’re going to have to specifically script that type of effect, Blueprints should work

Thank you very much guys ! :smiley:

Contest is over , got 3rd place :smiley: