Beam particle fades along X axis

Hey guys,

I decided to start a small vertical shoot-em-up to practice some 2D mechanics and I use a beam particle system for the projectiles, to get used to particles systems.

To be able to move the particle around, i put it in a blueprint that i spawn through my player blueprint.

It works and all is good, except for 1 detail, it disappears on 1 side of the viewport.

I tried spawning the particle system alone, the blueprint, tried remaking the particle system from zero, changed the source and target types, switched the beam system to distance, it always does the same thing…

Here’s a screenshot of what it does.
The camera is fixed in the main scene(not in any custom blueprint)
The X origin is dead center (even if it’s not dead center it’s the same result)
I sweeped from left to right. If I sweep from right to left, the result is the same, if i move along the Z axis while i do that, the result is the same, just with a different Z coordinate.

I passed all day searching for a solution for that… I’m still searching, but I don’t want to replace it with a spirte, I like particles!