Beam particle always loops


I’ve created a beam particle, but it always loops, doesn’t matter of beam settings.

Some of settings:

emitter loop to 1,

emitter duration range to 0.1 - 0.5

lifetime range to 0.1 - 0.5

It loops in editor (simulate loop unchecked) and after spawn as well.

I’ve tried changing like everything, but without result.

Looping beam is made by design or there is a simple way to make it play once?

I am experiencing this problem as well in 4.20. It appears Always on check box is just broken and Beams are always on no matter what.

Are you using Cascade or Niagara?

  • Cascade.

They fixed this bug in 4.21 UE-62477
We merged it into 4.20 in our project and it works correctly now.

As [][1] mentioned, [it’s fixed in 4.21 version][2]