Beam Emitter Problem

Hello, I have made a beam emitter and i have it set to Distance because i want it to go from point a to point be not just appear at both. But evertime i add noise to the beam the whole thing flips out. I tried it with the content example lighting emitter and the same thing happened. Is there a bug that does not allow you to use noise with distance or am i doing something wrong?.

How exactly does it look like when you add noise? + what happens when you just use a very low noise value? :slight_smile:

It turns into a a jump rope basically the whole middle part is swinging around wildly. And a low does the same thing. I just want it to start then move on the y axis in a strait line for a bit then stop i’m not sure whats going on lol.

I still have not found a fix for this. I’m not sure what i can do that will fix it.

I’ve kept myself away from beam particles, but ran into a situation where I am likely to use one, so bumping the thread. Could anyone kindly clarify how to approach setting up a noise module? I end up with having either stationary beam or a pile of mess. Back in UDK it was kinda more straightforward.