Beam always has a particle active?

So my beam has a spawn of 0, no bursts, “always on” is false, and yet, a beam is always active.
I want to spawn other particles upon it being activated so i need it to spawn when i say so…

Also: is there a way to spawn particles at the end of the beam?

i’ll bump this, i’m having the same issue
Spawn is set to 0 and then it also spawns a bunch of beams when i only want one

well if you want 1 continuously you can just put beam count to 1 in the beam data

i’m not trying to make one continuous beam i would like it to spawn one beam, but in bursts. but even when spawn is set to 0 and burst is turned on it spawns a beam continuously.

and i just noticed that it’s not spawning mutiple beams, instead when you set a min and max for the source it always moves the source on the same particle

EDIT: i just solved the moving point problem, i found the lock source button
EDIT 2: I fixed th problem i simply use alpha now to make the beam flash