BB Key changing for all AI (instead of just 1)

I have multiple AI characters of the same class, with the same AI controller/ behavior tree / blackboard. They are melee units that start attacking based on the Blackboard Key boolean “TargetMeleeRange”. However, any time I try to change the Blackboard Key, it impacts ALL units of the class in the game. This ultimately causes every unit to start swinging/attacking if just one of them is in melee-range of my character (regardless of where they are on the map).

I’ve tired using a BTService:

…as well as logic in the AI controller itself.

…and every variation of accessing the blackboard & setting the value. I’ve tried changing the bool on cast fail - the result is the same (every pawn’s boolean BB Key is impacted).

No matter what happens - every AI’s bool value get’s impacted, not just the one who triggered the event.


Inexplicably, after creating a new bool in the blackboard, and swapping the variables to the new bool, everything worked according to plan. I even renamed the new/working variable, and it still works. No idea why this happened but its solved.

maybe you checked this box by mistake ?