Battery Collector Video 8.. SpawnVolume does not spawn anything

I am following the Battery Collector tutorial and am on video 8. I copied and pasted the code verbatim from the download link included in the tutorial and everything compiled without error. At the end of the tutorial the trainer says to click ‘Play’ and the items will spawn. In the video, the batteries do indeed spawn, but in mine nothing at all spawns except for my character. No errors.

Did you check out the comment by “Cristiano Souza”?

I had a problem that could be used as advice for anyone else having the same problem, my SpawnVolume was not spawning anything and the code was ok, it happened because i selected the cpp class (BatteryPickup) to be the WhatToSpawn, when i should have selected The BLUEPRINT of the cpp class (BatteryPickup_BP).

Thanks for the response. I did not make this error. I chose the *_BP options as it was shown in the video.


What code did you copy paste? Everything that was in the .zip file? Just to make sure, you created these classes in Unreal first and not just copied the file into your project? <3

I created the project and followed along up until video 8 by manually creating the classes as the tutorial said and typed everything in manually. I only copied and pasted after I ran into this issue. I wanted to eliminate as many things as I could so I copied over what I had already typed in just to be absolutely sure that my code was identical. After I made sure the code was ok I did a full clean and rebuild.

Then I suggest uploading the project somewhere to increase the success to solve your problem. Not sure if I have the time, but maybe someone else. <3

I can do that. Where should I upload it? Thanks.

People love google drive and dropbox. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just in case anyone comes looking for this sort of problem with the battery collector tutorial, I had the same experience as above. The only way that I could solve it was to create a bp version of the C++ class in the editor, choosing the battery pickup bp and then pulling the bp version of the spawn volume into the level. Worked for me,