Batch edit material

Hi, I am new to Unreal Engine.

I have a tons of materials, each of which has Base Color connected to a texture but other nodes are naked.
I wanted to further develop those materials after imported via FBX, but since they are too many, I started learning Blue Print. But shortly, I noticed that the ndoes that I want to change within Blueprint should be parameterized before they are passed to Blueprint.
They are tons, and converting each node to a parameter one by one is simply painful.
Is there a way to batch edit lots of materials that have similar structures? C++ codes or Bluprint will run after materials are compiled and store to GPU so not for the case, this is my understanding. Is there a way to do scripting/automating generation/modification of materials? Is there a good plugin (hopefully python) in market place available?

Thank you.


depending on what you need exactly, you could use one material, configure it with the more complex setup that you need and use material instances to configure the detailed setup that you need in each instance.

If you create instances with the correct names, they can be connected to the objects automatically when importing many FBX objects at once (so the ‘empty’ materials that you mention would no longer be created). For this to work you need to use File->import into level and make sure you point the importer to where your material instances are stored.

Hope that helps.