.bat file for cooking and "packaging"

I’m trying to move away from using Frontend for cooking and packaging my game.

I’m writing a .bat to run the commands, but wondering how I would get the .bat to run the commandlet within it’s window, so that it can move onto the next step of the process once it’s completed?

Example, I want to run UDK.exe CookPackages -platform=PC MyMap.udk -full -multilanguagecook=INT and then start copying the necessary files once it’s complete. But whenever I run this, it just launches the .exe and I can’t continue doing stuff after the commandlet has run.

@Chosker @O_and_N I know you guys cook with .bat files, so wondering if you know?

I haven’t done this in a while so chosker (and others)will be of more help.To be sure, you are talking about packaging your cooked packages, correct?

Now I remember that if you cook and package with front end(get one final file), Nidal showed me that this final exe file you can actually unzip with 7 zip and get the game without having to install it.
From there you can customize the installer (even insert more cooked maps in to the folder just by copy paste from the udk folder to your games folder) and create a stand alone launcher.

I actually used this 2 part tutorial:

Not sure if this is what you were searching for.

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I probably didn’t explain myself very well. I’m not worried about packaging, as creating installers these days is mostly redundant with the way we distribute on platforms like Steam. I now just use a .bat to transfer all the required files from the UDK install into a clean folder when i prepare an update.

The thing I’m trying to do though is to be able to run multiple commandlets (in sequence) from a .bat. Ie: One commandlet runs/finishes, and then I run some other commands, then another commandlet, etc.

Currently I have to run a commandlet, then manually sit there and wait for it to finish before manually triggering the next thing. I just want to automate my processes more.

In Frontend it runs several commandlets one after the other, so I just want t be able to do the same in my .bat files.

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