Basic Vive Laser Measurement Tool

I would really appreciate some guidance or blueprint screenshots of how to pull the trigger on the vive controller and shoot a laser beam that returns the distance of the first object it hits. Thanks in advance.

Give this a try. :slight_smile:

Great thanks!

Having trouble with the static mesh variable at the beginning. What parameters does it need? Also what type of Getworldlocation and Getvectorlocation (camera,defaulsceneroot or VRorigin)

The Static Mesh is the Mesh that is a child of the motion controller component. I only see one GetWorldLocation node and GetVectorLocation is something you just made up :wink:

Yeah nevermind I meant Get forward vector. I am using the vr template and the motion controller doesn’t have a static mesh child it has a skeletal mesh child or am I looking in the wrong blueprint?

You’re in the right place, just feed in a reference to the skeletal mesh instead of a static mesh.

Thanks again