Basic unreal apartment wip

This is my first Unreal Engine 4 project. I am not a 3d modeler, I am a graphic designer so I wanted to see how far I could get just using BSP brushes and assets bought on the marketplace and found around the internet.





Great, push it… try to avoid glasses and try to use 4.11 lightportals… here is a good lighting tutorial:

Thanks :smiley: Any other tips you can give me?

you are welcome :¬), using parameters instead of constants to make materials you can adjust them in material instances and preview the results in realtime. If you are working in a daylight environment try to focus in the natural light adjustments. Artificial lighting in a room lit by natural light usually has little effect in real life.

hey… how’s it going?

Its going good, I have expanded my level a little, here is what it looks like now



pretty well for a graphic designer…

are you using the 4 viewports, aren´t you?

No just the one

how you doing with those BSPs?

Slowly coming together :smiley:



I got a wall trim piece custom made on Fivver, what do you think, im trying to do my floor in BSP sections so I dont have to just have one floor texture, i can have a different one for the kitchen, living area etc

It seems like there was some “design corrections”, and some things seems to be out of scale also. What is the purpouse of this job? just experimental?

If so, dealing with lighting should be an important topic, more than model details.

This is just my first time doing anything in Unreal Engine 4 and I just graduated and im in limbo looking for a job so I wanted to do some stuff in 3d for my portfolio, what looks not scaled correctly and whats wrong with the lighting?

Well, about the scale… there some kind of… plinhts? and the… pergola/highway struture? …but these things could be subjective.

About lighting, when you -build light- you put lightmass to calculate the global illumination (GI) of the scene. What you are seeing (or what I can see in the screenshots) seems to be direct lighting with -let´s say- no totally black shadows. There is no light “bounces”, GI is used to add light inter-reflections and to represent light in a much real-like way.

To use lightmass you need first to define a lightmass importance volume, to narrow the computation area.

There are also light portals (v4.11) to specify openings which where the lighting computation should be focused on interior spaces.

Lightmaps are used to store the lightmass results. In meshes and BSPs you can set the lightmaps resolution. In meshes you need a defined uv channel to store lightmaps. (3d space xyz projected in a 3d model is named uvw)

And there is MUCH more. It is not a simple topic, so I recommend you to take a look at it and be perseverant.

Here are the screenshots of my post process volume, sky sphere, skylight, lightmass settings



Sky Sphere.png


Lightmass force no precomputed lighting on means lightmass out.

What settings would you recommend i use, do you have any good go to settings?

starting by the defaults is a good way to go, lighting quality high in the building tab…