Basic shader question

hey guys
i have a basic question about shaders,when having an asset with two materials, one metal and the second one wood…
Is it right to use a metal map to split the metalic parts from the non metalic parts? I just created a basic shader but i’m not sure if this is the right way…

I normally also do it like that -> I use the specular map :slight_smile:
Another way is to do it with vertex colours:

The specular map works as well but the new quixel suite gives me a special “metal” map for this purpose.
But my question is not about the map, it is about my shader configuration… i’m not sure if this done the right way…

The material setup is fine, although you might run into some compression artifacts when using only a single channel of that metallic rgb map. (Also, adjusting the strength of a normal map does not work this way.)

That means i have to use all 3 channels, right? For the normal map… whats wrong? do i have to use a multiply node instead the power node?

Yep, use a multiply to make it stronger/weaker

perfect. thanx!
Are they any good tutorials about Materials / Shaders online ? I saw the basic ones from Zack which are very cool but i’m looking for something more advanced… i just took a look at some of the UE4 shaders which are included in all the demo levels / Projects… Jesus…

Take a look at those sites to get some more information about the nodes and inputs:

for more advanced tutorials I would search on youtube for special stuff (e.g grass shader,…) and you can also take a look at some UDK shader tutorials (it’s nearly the same as in the UE4)

ok, thanx!