Basic questions about VR, materials and landsacpes.

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I was looking for an answer but found nothing really precise. Could you please give some answers.

  1. How many materials in VR develiopment I should use? Let say I have 10 materials and 30 material instances. Is number of materials too high?
  2. Is this true that you should use just one master material per project, or just a dev holy graal?
  3. Is acceptable in VR dev to use 5 paint layers on landscape? (5 material instances)
  4. How about big landscapes materials and/or material instances?

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Level Designer

The general rule is trying to keep the FPS to 90. It is better practice to use instances as it does help you save frames. Do whatever you want as long as you can keep a goal of 90 FPS at your targeted graphics setting. But that is just my opinion.