Basic question how to edit EPIC mannequin colors

Warning - this is a step 0 beginner question. I know jack about materials and tiff files etc.

I want to edit my starter template mannequin and give the little man red arms and green legs. Maybe even a blue head. Or someday even put a party on garth tshirt on him. How can I do this?

I first thought that I’d just export the texture the material is made from and edit that. I exported it to a TGA file and opened it in Paint.NET and now all I see are some weird red blue green blotches. What the heck am I looking at?


Hey Jake, open his material inside Unreal (They look like spheres in the editor). That image is basically a color mask, and the specific colors are used in the material to define certain parts of the mannequin.
Check this out as well as part 2 of it. It will explain what’s going on with those colored blotches. Then you’ll have a better idea on how to modify that texture and material to get what you want.

Hi Juice-Tin thanks a lot for the info!