Basic Lightning Question.

Hey there!

Maybe someone over here can help me.

I am a newbie with ue4 and wanted to make a archinterior scene, not that big.

I bought the “Archinteriors for UE Vol.5” you may probably know them (Evermotion) and I especially liked the 5th scene, so I thought i could just paste my project into it and thats it.

Well it’s not so simple, I will include some screenshots.

It`s way too bright and the rays are coming through the walls and the ceiling is black af.

Did I import it wrong by just dragging the DatasmithScene into the sample szene? How else should I make it and what is wrong with my Walls / Ceilling?

Help pls.

Thats because you havent baked the lighting :slight_smile:

Unreal doesnt really have dynamic lighting (it does bit it looks ****^^). You need to bake lightmaps and the evermotion content comes baked :wink:

PS: look at the “preview” text inside shadows! This indicates that these lights have not been built. Also you should se a (unbuild objects xxxx) in the top left of your viewport :wink:

Thanks for the answer, but I got another problem already. It seems that it won’t start to rebuild the lighting.

Do you use a build compiled from source or one from the Epic Launcher? I’ve only ever seen that explicit “compile Lightmass” error when I build a brand new source for the first time. I usually have to build the engine, then re-build Lightmass.