Basic First Person Arms

I haven’t had much of a presence on these forums but I plan to change that.

After watching one of the Twitch live streams I decided to turn out a basic set of First person arms that I hope will be made available on the Marketplace.

I did all the Modeling Texturing Rigging and Implementation while I had a friend and former coworker do some animations.

Basic idea is for a set of arms that could be good to prototype a simple first person style game be it horror or survival.

I made a short video of what is included. If this is something that generates interest I would love to make more assets and perhaps
create a more advanced first person arm setup.

Basic first person arms for prototyping

Unreal Engine 4 Hierarchy

Mesh 20k Triangles / 5k Triangles LOD

18 Animations

SS Skin Shader and Simple Skin Shader
diffuse, normals, roughness 2048 x 2048

Bonus Props
**Flashlight 1400 Triangles
**Axe 370 Triangles
diffuse, normals, roughness metallic mask 1024 x 1024

Criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

I dont like how those hands looks like, seems like proportions screwed, look at the pinky. Also idle hand pose seems unnatural.

I agree with that.

It’s a good start however, needs some work imho.

Think of it not as a prototype asset but of an asset people might actually use in a game and adjust the quality level to that.

CriErr and order66. Thanks for the honest response.
I was aware of these issues. I’ll start Tweaking!

Made an earlier response to this but I don’t see it showing up. so hoping this doesn’t make a double post.

I appreciate the input. I already have fixed most of the proportion issues and I’m doing some deformation tests now to try and achieve some better results.

your earlier post was still moderated for some reason:)

ps, nice flashlight

i dont know, do you need this thingor not, i just saw it on imgur, saved and forgot forever, but this might help you.

Thanks CriErr I had already found some similar images but these are great reference as well.

thanks smokey13

I’ve done some preliminary deform tests with the base mesh of this hand its already a huge improvement, but still tweaking, I’m glad I went back to it.

thats neat:)

Good start!
Are weapon-anims planned?

While I know this is a long shot, you might want to take a look into morph targets. Developers could use a slider and transition between thick muscled arms, and puny-baby-been-skipping-arm-day arms.

Looking fantastic as is. Hope to see it on the marketplace soon!

Looks very nice :smiley:

Havoc does make a point, having morph targets for such these arms would be very helpful!

Sorry for running silent I had to take this past weekend off from work.

I had sort of a long term plan to do an advanced arm pack if it seemed worth the time after this basic set. However a simple morph target and normal blend could be added.

I’m still dealing with deformation concerns. I’m trying to get these spot on for you all now. I’m still ~ a centimeter off here and there which I didn’t realize how big of an impact these minor difference would make when I did the first iteration of the model.

I was leaving weapon animations out primarily because for them to look good they sort of have to be molded to the weapon you’re holding and I wanted this to be a generic use case. I do have Tim Plates gun that could be easily setup for a rifle. But the only hand gun model I have is a star wars blaster pistol and that isn’t going to fly on the marketplace lol.

Ill leave you with some work in progress on the arm texture.

Hey Crackjoe, any update on this?