BasePass -> Dynamic (What does it include?)

After an exhaustive search, I still can’t determine what exactly is incorporated into the BasePass->Dynamic calculations. In the screenshot, you can see my frametimes for the dynamic pass are upwards of 30ms. Any help deciphering/decoding what exactly is causing the excessive frametimes would be extremely helpful.

From Google…

“BasePass Dynamic = Animated Vertices such as Skeletal, GeoCache (Alembic), etc.”

Dynamic is for Meshes that use Movable mobility. You should set all non movable stuff to static mobility for faster rendering.(better caching)

Follow-up. It turns out that using a machine with integrated graphics (Intel UHD Graphics 620) and HISMs (Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes) will cause the HISMs to offload their rendering data into the “BassPass Dynamics” rendering pass, thus significantly elevating the frametimes for BassPass Dynamc. In short, HISMs require a dedicated GPU in order to function correctly, otherwise you’re offloading the frametimes from one pass to another with no performance benefit.

I’m pretty sure the base pass also contains your base passes for gbuffers as well because that happens after occlusion and before translucency.