Basebuilding System

The other night I had trouble sleeping, so I decided to have a go at making some basebuilding logic using blueprints. I made a bit of headway on it before the sun started rising, but haven’t had a chance to really continue working on it since, though I’m really keen to keep at it. I’m wondering if anyone has any feedback/suggestions for a basebuilding system? Some things I’d want to include:

Piece-snapping for floors, walls, doorways, doors, windows, roofs, stairs
Multiplayer support
Lights/light switches with switch mapping (faux electrical mapping)
Door locks

What other stuff should I add? What kinds of things have you wished for in a building system? Is it better to do player-projected building (player places pieces from character location like in Rust) or to do some kind of RTS/city builder style thing, or a mix of both?

Here’s all I got done in like 3 hours in the middle of the night, more or less a proof of concept:


Looks great! However if you introduced enemies, you’d have to add some safeguards so that you couldn’t spawn a wall on top of an enemy or just box them in…

I am seeing this as a coop shooter, where you can build the stuff in a certain range away from enemies (no closer than x units).