Base Material not Applying Instance Properties on Import

I’ve just discovered the Base Material option available in 4.14, but when I use it, it doesn’t seem to apply the parameter overrides to the instances it creates.
Here’s the Material and the corresponding Import Options:

And, the Imported Instance:

Hello ,

So from what I have just tested, I am getting the expected outcome. It is hard to tell from the context of your question, but I believe you are asking why the parameter overrides are not checked by default after importing the object and assigning the correct parameters.

From my test conclusions, if the FBX I am importing already has a diffuse texture or base color assigned, and you import that in conjunction with the material parameters of your material, they override the default value as expected.

I would check to make sure the FBX you are importing has the materials and textures within the file when you export from your 3D application. In 3ds Max, there is an option in the export dialog window labeled ‘Embed Media’ which is what needs to be checked for any materials and textures associated with the object are exported along with it.

Let me know if you have further questions.