Banned from China?

Two weeks ago Tim Sweeney(I guess permanently, forever) blocked me on his Twitter account profile. Was it because I offended president of China Xi Jin Ping, Tencent’s mascot QQ the Penguin and his family including Ma Huateng? Well it seems Lady Gaga,Miley Cyrus, Felix Kjellberg,one of Hollywood stars Harrison Ford. Am I also banned in China too for nostalgic stereotypical carricatures including Darius Yagielski for streaming of Chinese protests in Hong Kong? Is Disney’s Winnie the Pooh(was created and written by A.A. Milne) then banned in China for good even if it was aired in China few times? Is it forbidden to talk about politics in this very forum even in this section?

I would say this forum wouldn’t be a place to post discussions on politics. As for why you were blocked, I don’t know, but it’s most likely not for your politics.

I highly doubt you offended xi. No idea why Tim blocked you.This is a game engine forum.

Okay sorry.All I can do is to just speculate. Perhaps founder of Epic Games hates when someone is talking about or even mentioning something related to modding Epic Games or EA older licenced pc games or founder of Tencent hates Faceapp mobile application(both of these gentlemen). So I guess let’s change subject.

He probably isn’t reading whatever you post on Twitter

So did he he never read what I was typing on Twitter?

Unless you sent him something I doubt that he would given that he’s probably very busy and he’s not going to be paying much attention to most people that are following him on Twitter.

Well sometimes he was responding to me on twitter private messages.