Banding in the output.

Hello clever people.
I’ve a banding problem on my product shot (see attached).
To simplify things the black plastic is from the UE Automotive materials (4.25 pack), there are 4 area lights (channeled to light up certain areas only, think light linking) and the samples are set to 32, all raytracing boxes checked that need to.

Thanks in advance peeps.

Edit: I output to jpeg and to 16bit exr and they are identical in banding.

Add some film grain

I did that and the problem persisted. I had to really overdrive the grain to kill it.
Not ideal at all. I even introduced noise in the normals of the material to kill it, again, not ideal and to be honest the client would say that’s not what the real product looks like.

I was recently researching solutions to this and came across your post. Did some experiments and found a possible fix:

Sadly not many people seem to notice/be bothered by this, as I haven’t come up with much over the years aside from deep technical approaches like in the Playdead talked linked in my post…

Hope this helps!