Ball roll torque from UE4.9.2 rolling template seems "broken"

Hi everyone.
Me and my team are working on a rolling game,today we decided to convert the project from 4.8.3 to 4.9.2 but the ball torque gone CRAZY,like the ball was very fast and rotating on itself.

So i decided to create a new template to see if maybe our code was broken,and i found out that even on template rolling project the ball torque is too fast,rotating on itself and broken.(If you don’t understand what i’m talking about,go make a 4.8.3 rolling ball template,try it and then create a rolling ball template from 4.9.2 and try again,you’ll see what i’m talking about.).

Is there anyway to fix this?

Thanks a lot.

Hey iSpakkio-

Thank you for your report. This issue is already in our database for investigation (UE-19552).


Hey,Tried today the 4.10 Preview and the bug still seems there.

Will it make any difference to download and compile from source or we’ll have to wait for 4.10 final release?

Thank you.

The bug report for this issue is still open and being looked into by the development team. I will comment here with any updates to the status as it is worked on.

it’s been a week,has this issue even been looked at?We really need the dynamic light feature on mobile and we don’t have that in 4.8.3.

Is there any update?Anyway i can fix this by myself?

Or could i just download latest release from github and try compile it?

Thanks and sorry for the break but we really need this feature

There is no update to the status of the bug at the moment. For your local project you can adjust the Roll Torque of the ball to change how quickly it rolls.