Ball collisions problem

In the rolling Template BP the example map got the models changed to static meshes, well the ground mesh have 4 different collisions no idea why but when roll fast near that zones the ball jump in the sides of the collisions where one and other collision join.

Change the roll torque to 300000000.0 and the Max Angular Velocity to 2000.0 and the ball mass override to 3000.0 and then you going to see this better.
Get speed and cross in horizontal to the top bridge but in the ground level from left to right or right to left, in the middle the ball jump.

*This looks like a problem from the engine physics internal or something like other old problems with camera problems.

Hi ,

I just want to make sure that I understand. What you are seeing is the ball bounce on the two curved static mesh areas that look like bridges or are you seeing something else?

Better with a screenshots here:

Unfortunately I’m not seeing anything causing bounce as of preview 4. Can you try preview 4 and see if this is still occurring for you?

Here you see the problem in the

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce this and have entered a bug report, UE-16238 to be assessed by the development staff.

Is there any ETA when this problem is fixed? Using 4.12 and still having this issue.

Hi Nobody,

The issue was fixed in the Rollingball content example by replacing the segmented floor collision with a solid piece.

However, the issue of the ball jumping when rolling over segmented collisions is just a limitation of physx. You will almost always see issues when setting extremes on physics objects.

Well I see how even a golf game made for a jam and other ones give problems cause of this, can’t even make a ball roll properly without bounce…

i have this issue too, i just roll a ball on flat terrain, if the ball roll fast then she start to bounce randomly

is that something we can expect to be fixed in the futur?

it may cause some problem with fast racing car game :o

btw, the ball seem to be rolling good on a flat bsp, but i need my ball to roll on terrain :frowning: