Baking particles inside Matinee

Hi there, I would like to bake (pre caching) a particle system.
I found a way to do this here, but everytime i hit the “Record button”, Unreal crash and I can’t bake the particle system.
There is another way to do this? I need a pre-baked particle system for two things:
1- Everytime I hit “Play”, I would see the same particle effect;
2- I need to rewind a matinee, and with this all the moveable mesh plus the particles that work with that.

Thanks for an answer.

P.S. Here is a screenshot of what I would like to do.

Can’t you use Seed modules for stuff like velocity, life, size, etc.?

Seed modules? What do they do?
I think that particles are instanciate with random values, except that they incide into the camera in different ways and sometimes happen that a particle system don’t spawn particles because the camera don’t see it in that moment…
And then having a baked particle could be more efficient than having a real time simulation done everytime I push play button.
Is this correct or there is something I miss?

Seed modules always follow the same pattern as long as you dont change the seed value. This helps with getting the same particle behavior every time the particle is spawned. I’m not sure if it benefits performance in any way though.
And if you want the particles to spawn and stay active all the time you need to increase the bounds of the particle system.

Ok, I’m trying to setup all the particles using the seed value and the fixed bound with high value.
Later I’ll tell you if I obtain everything I need.
Thanks for the advices, see you later.

I tried with the seed values, and it seems that it works, thanks!
There is another one thing that I should resolve.
I have a particle system with gpu sprites that collide with the environment. Everytime I play (and record) a movie, the particles are different and I think they collide differently everytime.
I miss some parameters inside the collision?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

GPU particles use scene depth for collision by default and it is not quite reliable. You may want to try distance field collision and see how it goes; here is a tutorial by mamoniem.

So I tried in a new project the distance field collision and seems that particles works like I expect.
Later I’ll set it up inside the main project I’m working on and I’ll tell if it all works or none.
Thanks again for all this advices :slight_smile: