Baking Normals Cylinder.

hello i was reading a lot of stuff abount normal maps i understand them quite a lot, but i have this model


Here is WireFrame


I dont know how to bake round edge, should i add some supporting edges and bend them into the HP shape ?

I have problem only with round or Cylindrical objects, sometimes there is wavines.

  1. use one smoothgroup for lp
  2. add edit normals
  3. scale your cage a littel bigger
  4. use xnormals with exporter for baking

What means add edit normals ?

Hi StarScream2092,

You can see this video from YouTube on editing normals in 3Ds Max.

By editing normals using the edit normals modifier you are able to have complete control over how your object interacts with reflecting light. By default though 3Ds Max does follow real-world physics for its light reflection.

On the cylinder above when I have any edge that is 90 degrees like that I will add a chamfer or bevel on the edge to make the normal bake better for my objects. Also having a good UV laid out will help you bake as well! :slight_smile:

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask!

Thank you!


You took a screenshot of a screenshot in photo viewer and attached that …?

Isnt that clever ? :smiley: I had it on puush so i dont know some good website for uploading images :smiley: and did not know you can upload it direct to the forum.