Baking lights problem

When click build lights, lights not baked only showing “navigation building completed”


Have you tried clicking the arrow next to the Build button and selecting Build Lighting Only?

Yes I did, i tried out each one on there

There’s very little information you’re giving but here are some hints:

Check the mobility of all actors in your scene. Set those to static which should never move on runtime and set those who should move to movable. You do have light in your scene do you right?

How does it visually look after you build it, are there glitches or does it just not behave as you would expect? If the scene looks actually alright and all lighting seems correct your lights have indeed been built. As far as I know if UE4 doesn’t detect any problems there’s not going to be any specific message, it just says that building has completed.

Hope I could help, kind regards,
Gull Jemon Studios