baking lightmaps piece by piece?


the problem is that low res lightmaps doesnt look good. there are too many artifacts and noise. and baking on high res consumes absurd amount of memory.

is it possible to bake scene part by part? for example bake the floor lightmap first and then bake the walls separately etc? my computers doesnt support more than 16GB of memory so im really restricted.

any ideas?



Lets first find the root cause for your problems.

  • Do you use BSP brushes, or staticmeshes?
  • If meshes, how do your UV maps look like?
  • Are you using static or dynamic lighting?
  • Do you have a LightmassImportance volume set up?
  • Can you show a screenshot that illustares your problem?


If you need more memory for lightmass and run out of ram then increase the amount of virtual memory on your computer.

(assuming you have windows that is)

It’s not as fast as using real RAM but it still works. Helps push some of the builds that I’ve been doing that take up 28 gb’s of combined memory on my 8gb RAM laptop hahaha.

In order to bake floor you need bounce light from rest of environment so you cant exclude it from calculations. It was possible to bake separate objects back in ue3 but lighting was much simpler back then