Baking Lightmaps on Meshes generated along a splineMesh

Hi Everyone!

I am having an issue where I use a splineMesh to generate a long line of columns. I am able to get it working, but when I go to bake the lighting, it doesn’t bake lighting for the columns (they are staticmeshes). They have UV’s laid out in the second channel for baking, but Unreal doesn’t seem to recognize the geometry (is it because it is “nested” in the spline?). All static geometry I have in the scene that isn’t using a splinemesh is baked correctly.

Is there a way to get Unreal to recognize the splinemesh’s geometry for baking purposes? I have been pulling my hair out the past few days and cannot figure out how to even start tackling this problem.

Your help is appreciated,

You could try exporting your spline mesh to FBX and importing as a static models. I tested it and can confirm it works (I’m using this method since spline meshes aren’t supported on mobile).

Thanks, Pedro! I will try that out!

One more thing, though. If I do that, I will get a bunch of duplicates of the same mesh, correct? Is there a way to instance those meshes once imported?