baking lighting for "movable" items

For my vive project i have discovered that all the dynamic lights in my scene take up a lot of the framerate.
However just disabling them all using “show deferred lighting” leaves a lot of the moving objects in the dark.
Therefor i was wondering, if it was possible to somehow bake lighting info on a movable object.

I don’t mind that a object with a baked lightmap is moving away from the light, as in my setup i had the light follow the object anyways.
Examples of this are, lights that illuminate the vive controllers, a light that illuminates the (moving) basket the player is standing in and some lights on a few objects that are just rotating/moving for aesthetic reasons.

If there was a way to basically “bake” lighting in a separate scene (like in a blueprint editor) onto certain elements that are grouped together i would be able to achieve a lot higher framerates.

I thought already about just “baking” lighting info in 3dsMax, though this only works for a single object at a time, and is really impractical when trying to apply it to a group of objects, when using an external program.

Therefor i was wondering, if it was possible to somehow to be able to ask lightmass to “bake anyways” for such specific cases.

For the lights that are following the controllers ect disable shadow casting if you havent already(dynamic shadows in UE4/VR are costly but due to the deferred renderer dynamic lighting is’nt).

theres also the ‘Light as if Static’ option within the meshes lighting property’s. But i’ve never played with that myself.