Baking Individual or Selected Objects

I’m wondering if there is some way to select an object and only bake that single object, or selected multiple objects only? That would really take a lot of rendering time out of my projects, not having to re-bake the whole scene if one object needs a higher lightmap resolution or has a minor error etc.


Hi Dark_Jubei,

At the moment this is not possible, but we do have a feature request in with UE-10034 for this. Unfortunately, there is no time frame for when/if this will ultimately be implemented.


Hi! I wondering if there have been any developments on this issue? Its a feature it think could be very useful to many users of Unreal. Thanks!

Go look for the item UE-10034 and cast a vote if you really need it. It will help the community get this important feature in asap. It’s sore to see such an important tool missing.

ATTENTION!! : Please CAST A VOTE for this feature here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-10034)

i am trying to vote for this but it says the issue is not public?

To echo hakenfox please vote for this feature! I’m sure almost every user would benefit from it:

Hello, any news about this requested feature? Is it possible now to bake only one object in 4.20 / 4.21? Thanks

Hi, as far as i know there is a “bake material” option, though i don’t know how to use that properly yet it seems to do something along a similar line. As of yet, I don’t think this feature has been properly ingratiated.